We have many specialist of Industrial Rubber Products.


The use of rubber in various products worldwide has become so extensive that the design and manufacturing of such products has become a basic industry in Japan.

SAKURA prides itself as being at the forefront of this industry. When various types of rubber are incorporated into complex parts of with other materials, it requires special care and expertise. Dedicated years of research and testing of rubber, metals, textiles, and many other materials provide SAKURA an outstanding capability to manufacture a superior products. Typical products include vapor seals for oil storage tanks, hoses for loading oil, oil-resistant hose for petrochemical plants, and gate seals for hydroelectric dams and levees.

SAKURA continues to develop new products by cooperative research with our customers and raw material manufactures.

SAKURA will continue to improve the quality of our products and to pursue the "3 NEWS".
New concepts
New technology
New material



  • Tank vapor seals
  • Oil-resistant hose for petrochemical plants
  • Suction delivery hose
  • Tank lorry hose
  • Gate seals
  • UltraAce® joint
  • Rubber sheet
  • Pressed products
  • Molded rubber
  • Insulation hose
  • TWINSTAR Coupling for general industry
  • Hydraulic hose